Uptowns1.net Sneaker Battle Re-Cap

Round 1 Winner Re-Cap

King Charles

“votes were pretty even at first….needless to say the best came out on top…05 easters>>>other easters”


“As for round 1 I felt pretty confident that I was going to win considering pixies are pretty much a favorite of everyone.”


“i think we should keep the same shoe all rounds it would make everyone bring out there heat
also i knew i was going to win that first round cuz everyone loves jds”


“as far as that past round,
i wouldnt say i thought i was gonna lose but i thought it was gonna be ALOT closer than what it was simply because of the ooh’s and ahh’s of that shoe prior to the release date. If i advance to the next round i expect Melo to post a shoe very hard to compete with…. May the best man win!”

Shoes R beautiful

“I’m just glad I made it this far!”


“I thought the last round would be harder, I never expected such a clear result. I think for the next rounds SHOE-GURU and King Charles are hard opponents.”


” Yeah, I entered this thing ‘cuz I was bored. I never expected to even make it past the first round because my shoe game ain’t up to par with many of the folks on this site. I’m happy I made it, though, and PRYM was great competition. The Lebrons he had were very nice and the fitted was nice as well. I hope I can continue to move on, and I’ve just bought some more heat so hopefully I can use that as well. Thanks for all the votes to everyone who voted for my Hollands.”


well when i seen it was the amare af1’s i thought it was goin 2 be really close to be honest i didnt think i would beat him like i did.. both of the shoes are clean.. but there was just something about my invisable pic lol.. i did something a little different in the pic 2 catch peoples eyes.. maybe that work who knows.. but it was a good battle.. now off to round 2!



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