7.27.07 Woodpusha’s Weekly Pick-up

July 28, 2007

7.20.07 Weekly Pick-Up

July 21, 2007

Got Kicks dvd

July 18, 2007


For those of you who dont know us this the Got Kicks Krew. We traveling up and down the east coast checking the illest sneaker spots and exposing fakes. Our journey is to show everyone out there a culture and lifestyle that slowly grew from the earlys 80’s to new the millenium. There are SneakerHeads all over. You can find em’ in any state, better yet any country, this thing is global! So with that being said, any of you guys overseas want to be on this documentary just send a video of urself interview style. Its easy if u have a camcorder just have your friend hold the camera and u walk him through ur collection and a brief interview with u.Please be sure to record on mini DV tape. This doesn’t only apply to people overseas, this goes to people all over the states as well, anywhere..SO IF YOU GOT KICKS!?!?! HOLLA AT US !!!!! Please address video opportunitys via message. Thank You, Got Kicks Krew !! We Out!!

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Estate LA ‘Friday the 13th’ Fitted

July 15, 2007



Estate LA recently made a fitted inspired by the classic horror flick, Friday the 13th. The hat was released the day before yesterday, on Friday the 13th. The back displays “Fuck Jason”, while the front features Jason’s hockey mask. It was a friends and family release so numbers are very limited. Only 12 went on sale at World NYC.



Reebok ‘Halloween’ Pack

July 14, 2007



We’ve been seeing a lot of interesting packs from Reebok lately. The newest one is the Halloween pack. The sneakers pay homage to such horror greats like Jason on an ERS 2000, Chucky and Chucky’s Bride on a Ventilator, and Freddy’s Alien Stomper (no pic yet). Look out for these in the fall.


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Pegleg NYC – ‘07 Fall Preview

July 14, 2007

Pegleg have recently updated their website with a preview of their fall line. They continue with their geometric shapes, bold stripes and polka dots in their designs, and match it with bright colours to make their stuff really stand out. Good to see they keep making clothes that doesn’t resemble what we’ve been seeing in streetwear lately.


Check out more from the fall collection http://www.pegleg.com

7.13.07 Woodpusha Weekly Pick-Up

July 14, 2007

Nike Air Force One Premiums (Tuxedo Edition)


I been wanting these Tux’s. I also want the mids. I grabbed these from one of my boys. Sneakerfreaker7 off uptowns. I think these shoes are very clean and professional looking. Well maybe not but the name makes you think it is..lol