Air Jordan Life Style Release Info for 2008

It appears there will be no more Retro Jordans in the L’style category for 2008.


“In 2008, there will be NO Lifestyle retro Jordans – NONE. Jordan Lifestyle will have many shoes including these which are somewhat of a response to the “Jordan Dunks” that Nike put out in the past year. There are several Jordan x AF1 mids that will be releasing next year as Jordan Brand celebrates the 23rd year. So far we know of these as well as an Air Jordan 5 x Air Force 1 Mid. The shape of the shoe is just like the AF1 mid including the strap as well as the outsole.

Hate it or love it, I can see people going after these shoes. Call me a purist, but I want to torch Toyota for making hybrids “cool”.

It is a long time until 2008 and if you feel any strong emotions against this shoe or for this shoe, please leave comments. I really think JB needs to hear the word from the streets on these shoes.”

Exact words from wei233146 of


2 Responses to Air Jordan Life Style Release Info for 2008

  1. Charles Herrera says:

    I trully hope this is a joke…. those look terrible….they look like reeboks S. Carters

  2. truth says:

    ugly as hell

    need 2 be scrapped

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