Got Kicks dvd


For those of you who dont know us this the Got Kicks Krew. We traveling up and down the east coast checking the illest sneaker spots and exposing fakes. Our journey is to show everyone out there a culture and lifestyle that slowly grew from the earlys 80’s to new the millenium. There are SneakerHeads all over. You can find em’ in any state, better yet any country, this thing is global! So with that being said, any of you guys overseas want to be on this documentary just send a video of urself interview style. Its easy if u have a camcorder just have your friend hold the camera and u walk him through ur collection and a brief interview with u.Please be sure to record on mini DV tape. This doesn’t only apply to people overseas, this goes to people all over the states as well, anywhere..SO IF YOU GOT KICKS!?!?! HOLLA AT US !!!!! Please address video opportunitys via message. Thank You, Got Kicks Krew !! We Out!!

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